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Gary Schreiner


Gary Schreiner is an attorney turned “Thriveologist”, author, rhythmicist, Well-Being Evangelist, executive coach and trainer for highly driven professionals and organizations. He is known for teaching actionable principles in fun, unique and unexpected ways.

After burning out in his “dream” career, Gary struggled to find meaning and fulfillment in his professional life. His quest for answers ultimately transformed not only his professional career, but profoundly changed his entire life. He determined then to turn his skills and knowledge to helping other professionals move from just surviving day-to-day to thriving. He draws from a multidisciplinary body of research to teach principles and practices for well-being and performance.

Gary has been training and speaking since 2003 and has presented to diverse audiences, including judges, attorneys, counselors, therapists, business owners, engineers, college professors, real estate agents, mediators, bankers, HR professionals, law enforcement, nurses, psychologists and government agencies.

Sessions with Gary Schreiner

October 6, 2017