Say What? The Ethics & Impact of Language & Human Services

August 10, 2023    10:45AM  -  12:15PM

Respect, empathy and compassion are at the core of every professional code of ethics that human services professionals will operate under. Demonstrating these ethical principles through intentional practice and competently navigating an ever-changing landscape of person-first, person-centered and identity-first language practices can be daunting. This workshop session seeks to walk attendees through a brief history of labeling and/or problematic language trends as well as emerging language practices. Attendees will have the opportunity to consider thoughtfully incorporating the power of intentional language toward upholding  professional ethics, securing relationships centered in respect and achieving beneficial outcomes through service.

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe Person First/Person Centered and Identity First Language

2. Align professional code of ethics with the practice of maintaining an evolving understanding of language in the field of human services

3. Describe the impact of language in developing rapport, partnering in achieving positive intervention outcomes and promoting progress in both professional and interpersonal interactions

4. Describe methods, tactics and resources to assist with maintaining relevant language to support competency, dignity and beneficial interactions in professional and interpersonal communication


1.5 NASW CEU’s at LSW, LMSW & LCSW level 

Session Category :  2023 Sessions  Adult Developmental  Advanced  Advocacy  Beginner  Behavioral Health  Children's Developmental  Direct Support  Employment  Intermediate  Leadership  Parents / Self Advocates