IdahoGamerGirl Presents: Level Up Your Role

August 11, 2023    1:30PM  -  3PM

The COVID pandemic may have caused frustration, but one industry was there to save mankind’s mental health. In this workshop, one local autistic gamer will level up your critical thinking… By examining how video games are empowering medical treatments. You’ve heard of gamification in health care, now consider what they could bring if we took role playing life more seriously. In addition, you will learn some of her 31st Century ideas and evaluate how you yourself can get H.I.P. Yes, Hip Replacements are common but In this workshop HIP stands for something more important. Join to Play.

Learning Objectives:

1. Evaluate Idaho’s understanding of video games and its cost efficient medicinal treatment for mental health

2. Achieve a full plate perspective on Asperger Syndrome via a case study approach to Gina’s story from her providers

3. Educate yourself on the worldwide translational labels impact Autism & Aspergers has on humanity

4. Learn how to Be Like Greta by understanding the limitations society implements on Autistics to do the impossible

Session Category :  2023 Sessions  Adult Developmental  Advanced  Advocacy  Beginner  Behavioral Health  Children's Developmental  Direct Support  Intermediate  Parents / Self Advocates