Intersecting Ethics: The Many Ethical Codes, Dilemmas and Challenges Affecting an Interdisciplinary Team

August 8, 2024    3:30PM  -  5PM

Whether you are a Peer Support Specialist. a Direct Service Professional, a Community Based Professional or a Clinician working with individuals and families with co-occurring conditions you will interface with professionals who have ethical codes, values and best practices different from your own.  This session will discuss how our professional ethical codes are similar, how they are different and how to address ethical dilemmas when our professional ethics conflict to improve outcomes for our clients and their families.


Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will Increase their appreciation and understanding of, not only their professional ethical codes, but the values and ethics of other providers they interface with in the service of their clients
  2. Participants will acquire knowledge about ethical codes of other professionals working with their clients that may conflict with their own profession’s code of ethics
  3. Participants will develop skills to apply this knowledge when collaborating with other professionals providing services to their clients and increase their ability to recognize ethical issues and to enhance their use of critical thinking skills when they interface with other professionals


1.5 NASW CEU’s at LSW, LMSW & LCSW level (pending NASW Approval)

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