Kyle Jetsel


Kyle Jetsel is a happily married father of 6 kids. For years his family struggled with raising two sons on the spectrum. The stress and tension was overwhelming. They tried everything. From therapies, to experts, to counseling, to ABA, to floor time, to alternative options, to… well, you name it. And like so many other families raising kids on the spectrum, they STILL experienced “combat-like” stress in there home. When the books and therapists and everything else they tried didn’t help lower their stress, they made it their business to understand what THEY could do to lower stress and better serve their family. Now, they thrive. And they want that for others serving those with special needs. With hundreds of clients, thousands of followers and legions of fans watching their daily videos, they have turned their nightmare into a course in love and laughter.

Sessions with Kyle Jetsel

October 26, 2018

2:15  -  3:45