Jennifer Zielinski


Jennifer is the Director of the Idaho anti-Trafficking Coalition. She worked the last six years as the Program Coordinator for Idaho’s parent training and information center and family to family health information center, Idaho Parents Unlimited. 

Her passion is to help sustain the health and well-being of families who have children and youth with disabilities, mental health disorders, or who are under-served and at risk, through family centered care and access to a quality mental health system.

Additionally, Jennifer is a parent of four children ranging from six to 21 years old. She and her husband became foster parents nine years ago to their now adopted 12-year-old daughter, Chelsea. As a product of neglect and a family history of mental illness, Chelsea has multiple mental health disorders which include reactive attachment disorder, schizo-affective disorder, intermittent explosive disorder, ADHD, anxiety, and a developmental disability. Jennifer’s experiences in raising Chelsea, who is a victim of sexual abuse, has prompted her to educate others by providing training and resources to foster and adoptive families, parents of at risk kids and youth, and professionals.

Jennifer looks forward to raising awareness of human trafficking in Idaho as well as working alongside community members by providing education, resources, safe housing, and services to victims and survivors of human trafficking.

Sessions with Jennifer Zielinski

October 25, 2018