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Jeffrey Riechmann

Riechmann is a retired firefighter who relocated to Idaho three years ago. He currently works part-time as a safety engineer for a construction company where his expertise in working at heights safety is utilized.

As an aspiring rock climber, and with input from fellow climbers, he organized Courageous Kids Climbing. In three years, the organization has conducted events in Boise, Cascade, Driggs, McCall, and Moscow, Idaho; Ellensburg and Spokane, Washington; and Bakersfield, California, reaching 200 kids. Depending on the location, the courageous kids have climbed indoor and outdoor climbing walls. They have scrambled on boulders. Learned about balance on a slackline and built their confidence on a rope course. The organization has also provided rescue equipment to emergency responders and sponsors the “Courageous Kids Scholarship” which provides a $1000 scholarship to a person with special needs to attend the University of Idaho.

Sessions with Jeffrey Riechmann

October 5, 2017