David Tovar


David Tovar, CSWA, MSW is the Intensive Services Program Administrator at Lifeways, Inc. in Malheur County, Oregon. David, along with a team of multi-disciplinary staff, provide crisis services to St. Alphonsus-Ontario, OR, Malheur County Jail, Lifeways-Ontario, and mobile crisis services in Malheur County. David is a Certified Mental Health Investigator in the state of Oregon. David is currently obtaining a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Boise State University and holds a Master of Social Worker from Northwest Nazarene University as well as a B.S. of Social Science from Boise State University. David has experience working with a wide variety of mental illness including: SPMI (Severe & Persistent Mental Illness), Co-Occurring disorders, psychotic disorder, mood disorders, and personality disorders. David is also involved in the CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) program in Malheur County.

In addition to his professional life, David has settled into Canyon County with his family. David is passionate about physical and emotional well-being and attempts to find free time each day for a physical activity as a form of self-care. David enjoys spending time with his family and friends and enjoys all things outdoors. David believes that “a person’s outcome is the direct result of the effort that they put into it”.

Sessions with David Tovar

August 13, 2020