Carla Hart


As a Master Level Special Educator and Senior Clinical Trainer at Optum Idaho, Carla has been known to have the ability to convey a message with passion, humor, sincerity and facts in a way that leaves every learner in the room with a clear understanding of the content. Carla is an inspired training professional with 20+ years of experience developing programs, workshops and educational materials for local and national initiatives. Her background includes working with adult, pediatric and public health facilities; local, state and national-level special education operations; managing non-profit organizations and running an entrepreneurial business.

Carla developed the first K-12 hospital-school and medical educational transition program for the state of Idaho. She has published four resource books, one children’s book and a book of short stories relating to medical-education process, hope and healing.

Sessions with Carla Hart

August 13, 2021