Welcome and Opening Keynote

August 11, 2022    9AM  -  10:30AM

It turns out that the biggest disability related obstacles out there aren’t the conditions themselves, but ones that are systemic or caused by people without disabilities. Access is a collective effort that we all participate in together, and together, alongside and while amplifying the voices of self-advocates, we can break down the biggest barriers people with disabilities face: low expectations, ableism, and societal biases. While learning to dismantle barriers, we can also embrace the beauty of accessibility and disability as a form of diversity that leads to greater inclusion, innovation, and a community that is truly welcoming to all. Come prepared to rethink your perceptions of disability, and leave ready to tackle the challenges you might not have realized are indeed the ones worth undertaking.


1 NASW CEU at LSW & LMSW level

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