Talking the Talk about Disability: Sharing, Advocating, and Telling

August 11, 2022    1:45PM  -  3:15PM

As self-advocates, our personal stories hold a lot of power – they are sources of strength, tales of overcoming barriers and adversity, and a way we are able to assert agency and receive the support we might need. Our disability identities also carry weight and different meanings to others. How do you tell teachers, support staff, colleagues, friends, or anybody else about your disability and account for their varied reactions? Or, how do you tell the person you’re supporting about their own disability identity and culture? In this session, join Haley Moss to unpack the disclosure conversation and feel empowered to self-advocate, view disability from a place of heritage and knowledge rather than shame, and be ready to take ownership of your own story.


1.5 NASW CEU’s at LSW, LMSW & LCSW level

Session Category :  2022 Sessions  Adult Developmental  All  Self Advocates