August 8, 2024    3:30PM  -  5PM

Michigan Developmental Disability Institute (MI-DDI) created the “Possibilities” video project. “The purpose of the Possibilities series is to present a vision of how individuals with developmental and
intellectual disabilities and their families can lead the lives that they wish to lead, without barriers and in the direction they truly intend to go.”(https://ddi.wayne.edu/possibilities). The most recent addition to
Possibilities features Alex. Known as & the “he Self-Determinator”; Alex lives a full, busy life of family, work, and inclusion in many community organizations with a goal to help others (self-advocates, families,
professionals and the community at large) realize the positive impact that living a self-determined life can have. He works toward this goal further by conducting training on self-determination throughout
Southeast Michigan. Alex will present his video (produced by the “Pure Michigan team”) and lead a discussion through Powerpoint, video and audience interaction about philosophies and strategies
showcased in this video. Be ready for laughter and an opportunity to update your thoughts on neurodiversity, acceptance and living a self-determined life!

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learners will be introduced to the central purpose of the Culture of Gentleness and self-assess foundational components of state of being safe and valued
  2. Participants will exit with a minimum of 3 new strategies and or resources to increase self-determination in their lives or in the lives of people they support
  3. Attendees will be provided the 11 core concepts of self-determination and how to introduce them into a meaningful day
  4. Audience will differentiate between independence and interdependence

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