Session Closed: Parent Training: Curriculum and Training Methods: Part 2

October 5, 2017    3:30 PM  -  5:00 PM

This Session is Full.

This event is designed to provide participants an overview of a parent training model used by the Center for Autism and Behavioral Education Research at the University of Georgia.

This models involves behavioral skills training (BST) to teach parents about basic functions of problem behavior and how to match those to simple treatment options including extinction and extinction. Participants will spend time reviewing the curriculum and ways to deliver the curricular content to lay audiences. They will also learn about the importance of role playing and feedback to ensure that participants are able to generalize didactic instruction to their homes.

The first half of the presentation specifically covers the content of the curriculum and the second component focuses on the delivery and follow up procedures that are designed to adhere to best practices and allow therapists to deliver training to families they may have little on-site contact with following training.



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