Opening Keynote: Inside the Complex World of Autism, Mental Health, and Disabilities

August 11, 2023    9AM  -  10:15AM

Join Russell as he contextualizes autism, mental health, and disabilities in regard to society at large. Using his insights from his lived experience to generate foresight for others, Russell will lay out pragmatic approaches on how best we can bridge community gaps to create a conducive environment where all can lead lives of equal opportunity and self-determination. With a focus on person-centered practices and trauma-informed care, attendees will learn how to better interact, support, and accommodate individuals with disabilities, how to broaden their perspective on the human condition, and how to initiate dialogue/conversation surrounding emotionally painful and vulnerable topics in order to implement inclusive practices that directly translate to a felling of being included.

Learning Objectives:

1. How to prioritize the lived experience of those with disabilities in creating inclusive practices

2. That being included oftentimes does not equate to one feeling included

3. How to better interact, support, and accommodate individuals with disabilities (invisible or otherwise)

Session Category :  2023 Sessions  Advanced  Beginner  Intermediate