Not Just Another Meeting: Using the Tools of Self-determination and Culture of Gentleness to Create Your Best Plan of Service Yet

August 9, 2024    10:30AM  -  12PM

This workshop invites YOU to define YOUR life! Alex Kimmel, aka “The SelfDeterminator,” from, will guide you through conversations in this highly interactive workshop. You will proclaim your definition of self-determination, list out your Culture of Gentleness preferences and map out how you want these to be present in your individual plan of service. Don’t let this simple description lull you: come prepared for a full 90 minute immersion to take your person centered planning to the next level. Alex uses humor, video, and opportunity for you to personalize your learning. Strongly suited for self-advocates, families, support coordinators, direct support professionals and clinical directors.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify components of the Culture of Gentleness philosophy, including the four pillars, the four tools and six elements
  2. Identify the hallmarks of a self-determined life
  3. Discuss how Self-determination and Culture of Gentleness intersect
  4. Create personalized goals that reflect an understanding of a Culture of Gentleness and Self-determination
  5. Reflect on current practices in your situation (person centered plan, place of learning or work, social interactions) where safety and therefore engagement can be better supported

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