How to Handle Difficult Conversations with Greater Impact And a Lot Less Stress

October 26, 2018    11:00  -  12:30

Delivering difficult or potentially negative information can be hard for many of us. We’re not sure how to handle it, or it makes us uncomfortable, so we end up either delivering an unclear message or avoiding the important conversation altogether. Whether you’re a supervisor giving performance feedback to an employee, or talking with a co-worker or partner about something difficult, you owe it to yourself – and the other person – to deliver a clear, authentic message in a way that doesn’t damage the relationship.

In this interactive session, you’ll uncover what’s preventing you from engaging in these difficult conversations and learn a practical framework to engage in challenging but important conversations in every part of your professional and personal life.

This program is valid for 1.50 PDCs for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM

Session Category :  Professional and Admin  Supervisors