Millennial Leaders: The Loudest Voice in the Corporate Jungle

August 8, 2024    3:30PM  -  5PM

Millennials now make up the largest employee demographic in the workforce and 91% of them want to lead. This means that the nature of work, the face of leadership, and team dynamics have all taken a new shape.
Millennial leaders are now occupying seats at the table, and their insight can help solve challenges in our increasingly digital world. In this session, Davina Ware will share the major shifts Millennials bring to the workforce, give Boomers and Gen X insight into the strength of Millennial leaders, and outline how this generation can create a lane for their expertise

Learning Objectives:

  1. Techniques for cultivating aspiring Millennial leaders on your team
  2. Critical team culture elements needed for thriving and accountability
  3. Steps to stand out, gain respect, and effect change in the workplace

Session Category :  2024 Sessions