How to Live Your Purpose with Passion (Lunch Presentation)

October 25, 2018    11:30  -  12:30
Jordan Ballroom

We all want to live a life of purpose and passion. It’s especially important for those serving others to keep that passion and energy alive: when you’re inspired and motivated, you help others to be inspired and motivated as well.

Living your purpose with passion isn’t about “finally arriving” or finding that one thing to do. (Life is a journey and we can live out our purpose in different ways in different seasons.) It’s more about discovering and maximizing your unique value and strengths—and living that out, right where you’re at.

This luncheon keynote is for YOU. Be energized and inspired to be your best self, reinvigorate your sense of meaning and fulfillment in your role, and live out your purpose with more passion and impact.

Session Category :  All