From Compliance to Compassion: How to use Today’s ABA

August 11, 2023    1:30PM  -  3PM

The science of behavior analysis has the power to change lives. If misused, it also has the potential to do harm. More primitive applications of the science result in an over-reliance on compliance and aversive or coercive modes of behavior change. This session discusses the imperative for compassionate and ethical use of behavior analysis and provides procedures and strategies for preferred, effective, kind, and compassionate intervention.

Learning Objectives:

1. Identify aversive or coercive modes of behavior change

2. Understand why these procedures are inappropriate and, often, ineffective long term

3. Identify more positive, kind, proactive, and skills and reinforcement-based procedures for behavior change


This session qualifies for 1.5 BACB CE’s and 1.5 NASW CEU’s at LSW, LMSW & LCSW level 

Session Category :  2023 Sessions  Adult Developmental  Advanced  Advocacy  Beginner  Behavioral Health  Children's Developmental  Intermediate