Doing the Right Thing When Nobody is Looking and Listening

August 12, 2021    10:45 AM  -  12:15 PM

The NADSP Code of Ethics is the road map for direct support professionals to use at those times when there is no specific answer or solution. Often, when we are supporting people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, we experience situations that we have not been trained to address. We are trained what to do when there is fire. We are taught what to do when someone stops breathing. We are taught how to document things. Seldom are we taught what to do when a person we support wants to do something risky, dangerous or perhaps against our personal values!  Using the Code of Ethics helps us navigate these tricky times and helps us ensure we are ethical. This session will introduce participants to the NAFSP Code of Ethics in an interactive and fun manner.

1.5 NASW CEU’s at LSW, LMSW & LCSW level

Session Category :  2021 Sessions  Adult Developmental  Beginner