Change the Conversation with Charting the Life Course Framework

August 10, 2023    1:45PM  -  3:15PM

Join us in discovering the exciting possibilities of Charting the Life Course! This innovative framework empowers individuals to think beyond conventional boundaries and explore new perspectives. With its user-friendly tools, planners and planning partners can improve their person-centered practices, helping people to express their desires and needs effectively. Charting the Life Course provides a clear and concise way to organize and articulate thoughts, leading to more positive outcomes for everyone involved. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to create a more fulfilling experience for yourself and those you support!

Learning Obejctives:

1. Learn how to organize and articulate thoughts using easy-to-use tools

2. Help individuals navigate the uncharted waters of personalized planning by identifying the questions that matter most

3. Be able to utilize person-centered tools to establish and implement individualized plans that prioritize the needs of the individual

4. Apply fresh, person-centered skills to real-life situations immediately

5. Have access to an arsenal of additional person-centered tools and resources that will enable you to continue your journey of exploration and share your newfound knowledge with others

Session Category :  2023 Sessions  Adult Developmental  Advanced  Advocacy  Beginner  Behavioral Health  Children's Developmental  Intermediate