Accept Every Offer

October 26, 2018    11:00  -  12:30

One of the rules of improv comedy (yes, improv has rules…) is to accept every offer.  To switch from “yes, but” to “yes, AND”.  On stage, blocking your partner is not allowed, because it stops the story in its tracks and makes your partner look bad.  In our workplaces, blocking is common.  It doesn’t have to be.

We will not be performing in this session (so don’t worry!) but rather learning how improv skills can be used in our work. Improv provides a supportive environment that allows participants to take risks, try out new ideas, and build their confidence. And it invites us to imagine new possibilities for connections, valued social roles, and inclusion.

Bringing the benefits of improv into team meetings, person-centered planning meetings, and family conversations is NOT about comedy. (Although it can be fun!)  This session will provide specific takeaways, including:

  • generating more creative ideas in less time
  • moving closer to desired outcomes
  • building more respectful relationships with people supported and with co-workers
  • deepening listening skills
  • increasing engagement and motivation of stakeholders

Session Category :  Direct Support