C2C Awards 2014 recipients




The purpose of the Commitment to Community Awards is to recognize and honor significant accomplishments of individuals, organizations, and businesses who value individuals with disabilities as important contributors to their communities. This event applauds the commitment of our honorees and provides visibility and recognition for their leadership and vision.

2014 Awards were presented at the luncheon banquet during the Idaho Partnerships Conference for Human Services on Friday, October 31st at The Riverside Hotel in Boise by Katherine Hansen, President and CEO of Community Partnerships of Idaho. Jim Hansen,

Annette Lutes Building Bridges

Annette Lutes, right accepts the Building Bridges award from Katherine Hansen, CEO of Community Partnerships of Idaho.



Building Bridges Award

The Building Bridges award recognizes an individual, organization, or business that understands the value of inclusiveness in a community and works to enhance the individual perspectives and contributions of all community members.

Annette Lutes, 2014 Building Bridges Award winner, has been a Special Ed teacher in Emmett for 20 years. She actively advocates for children with disabilities and is an active member of the Emmett community. In 2013, Annette initiated a program called iPads for Communication. She involved her students, fellow staff and the community to raise funds to purchase iPads for her special education students at Black Canyon High School. The use of the iPads have increased student learning and enabled better integration into mainstream classes. Annette’s efforts and her willingness to include her students by giving them ownership in the project has empowered her students and taught them that the sky is the limit when it comes to success.


Opening Doors Award

Dawn Sauve on stage

Dawn Sauve, right, is the 2014 recipient of the Opening Doors Award for her many years of supporting youth and adults with disabilities access their communities in various venues.

The Opening Doors award recognizes an individual, organization or business who has been instrumental in increasing opportunities for individuals with disabilities to access their community.

For many years Dawn has supported youth and adults with disabilities to access their community in various venues. She has been a teacher in a school district transition program and a Support Broker for adults who are self-directing their services. From those experiences Dawn responded to unmet needs she identified by voluntarily starting a community-based “cooking club” where young adults can gather to socialize while learning independent living skills, and supporting/coordinating the Boise chapter of the Idaho Self Advocate Leadership Network. Dawn has committed many hours to support individuals to access their community and develop their own self-advocacy and leadership skills, a topic she is very passionate about.

Mike Briggs

Mike Briggs of Legacy Home Health and Hospice in Meridian, accepts the award for Plays Well with Others from Katherine Hansen.

Plays Well With Others Award

The Plays Well with Others award honors an individual, organization or business that has shown outstanding leadership by bringing together community partners to enhance the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Mike created a networking group called FRIENDS. Anyone that has a true passion for what they do in the field of health care is welcome. The group meets in Canyon County once a month for lunch and networking. The group is very close knit when it comes to helping one another and the people in the community we serve. Because of the joint effort of FRIENDS and with Mike’s leadership and direction, the group is able to come together with resources and ideas to help those with disabilities or illnesses and those who are facing end of life issues. When a need arises in the community, people go to Mike because they know he will get word out. Because everyone is connected by his communication, there are many times that miracles are accomplished by a joining of resources. Because of Mike’s passion and genuine love for others, he ignites those he is around to step up and participate in helping others.


Lifetime Achievement Award

John Russell, a long time self advocate from Moscow, was the first president of the Idaho Self Advocate Leadership network and is the winner of the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

John Russell, a long time self advocate from Moscow, was the first president of the Idaho Self Advocate Leadership network and is the winner of the 2014 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The Lifetime Achievement award honors a single individual nearing the end of their career or retired for his or her lifetime contribution to enriching the lives of individuals with disabilities. The recipient of this award embraces the values of inclusion, collaboration and advocacy.

John has embraced the values of inclusion and collaboration through his advocacy efforts in his community and around the state. John was the first president of the Idaho Self Advocate Leadership Network. He has been a key player in legislation that allowed individuals who have a guardian the right to vote. John is involved in the Knights of Columbus and has served on the Moscow community advisory committee for many years. John was involved in the self determination bus tour, and has been involved in advocacy for individuals with disabilities most of his adult life.

Congratulations to the dozens of award nominees and the 2014 winners for their Commitment to Community.

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