Jennifer Michelle Book Signing: The Light Bulb Effect

August 8, 2024    12:15PM  -  1:45PM
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Join author, speaker, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, and professional business and life coach Jennifer Michelle for a book signing of her new book “the Light Bulb Effect”!


“Decorating for Halloween in 2019 after having gotten divorced a couple years earlier, I found myself doing a lot of reflecting when all of a sudden the light bulb I was trying to change shattered in my hand. I thought to myself, here is another thing I will have to take care of and clean up – but then I had an “aha moment.” Have you ever have one of those in the middle of a struggle? I did.

I looked at the shards of glass and broken pieces of the light bulb all around me on the floor and began to pick them up. As I was putting the broken green glass on a paper towel while trying not to get cut, I thought to myself – there is a metaphor here.

Instead of throwing the broken pieces into the trash, I set them on a paper towel and put them on a bookshelf in my home office. Those broken pieces of glass sat on my shelf for a couple years and often when I would walk past the shattered light bulb, I found myself reflecting on the broken pieces within me.  I went on to start thinking about metaphors around my brokenness and how similar I was to these fragile pieces.

Several years later I found myself attending  business coaching and during one particular session, my business coach suggested I write this book. Having never though I could do something like this, but trusting in the belief that my mentor carried, I jumped in to the process of telling this story. This is not only my story, but a book about finding your light. This book will help you find your peace amongst your pieces.

The broken glass we all carry can make us believe we are less valuable, when in all actuality – there is so much beauty in our broken pieces. It is in the realization that we all carry broken pieces and we get to experience the beauty in healing and connection through the brokenness. It is in that space where the light is shared.

My hope for you, sweet reader, is  what I share in this book will help you find healing and peace amongst your pieces. You are more than just the broken parts. ”


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