Ethics for Interventionists

August 14, 2020    1:45 PM  -  3:15 PM

Ethics is so much more than simply not doing anything wrong!  In our work as interventionists we have an obligation to do our best work, based on evidence based practices, providing optimum outcomes, and that done in the least restrictive, most generalizable way!!

In this training we will use the BACB Ethics Code, IDAPA Regulations, and Industry Best Practices to outline ways that we can be the Interventionists our clients need and have the right to work with!

During this workshop, attendees will discuss the ethics guiding:

  • Our behavior as Interventionists
  • Our responsibilities to our clients and their families
  • Our responsibilities regarding the agency & co-workers
  • Our adherence to the ABA scientific field and research
  • Idaho specific regulations and Medicaid guidelines

**One hour of Ethics training annually is required for all Intervention Specialists.  This course is designed to meet that training requirement.

Session Category :  Children's Developmental  Educator