Conference Handouts – 2015



Handouts and Materials for the 2015 Idaho Partnerships Conference on Human Services.

Please click on the links to download the materials provided by speakers:



Samantha Herrick
Autism Spectrum Disorder: The Professionals Tool Kit  (PowerPoint Slides)



David Hingsburger



Audrey Hoffmann
Making Modifications in the Moment (Powerpoint Slides)




Jana Kemp
Reclaim the Day- Time Management




Kristina Kennedy
Employment Outcomes Fundamentals
Employment Outcome Fundamentals-Participant Guide
Customize the Job: “How to Create Jobs from Scratch




Robert Marino




Dennis Morrow
Building a Real Team
Managing Staff Conflict




Ken Perry
Vulnerable Clients: Ethics



Dr. Tyra Sellers
Pivotel Response Training and Natural Environment Training (PowerPoint Slides)
Intervention Selection and Training (PowerPoint Slides)
Intervention Planning
Evidenced Based Training and Supervision for Professional Staff (PowerPoint Slides)
Attention TX Selection
Escape TX Selection
Clinical Protocol Template
Performance Diagnostic Checklist-Human Services
Family Training Part 1 (PowerPoint Slides)
Family Training (Part 2) (PowerPoint Slides)
Geiger, Carr & LeBlanc 2010 Function Based Treatments For Escape-Maintained Problem Behavior
Grow, Carr & LeBlanc, 2009



Kathie Snow
Living Real Lives
Living Real Lives and Community Inclusion
Interest Inventory
Generic Services
Every Community
Beliefs Necessary to Achieve Community Inclusion
Do Disability Organizations Presume Competence
Reinventing DD Agencies
Human Services Agency Gives Grant Money
What Will it Take
Remember the Ham
Beyond Two Dimensional Thinking
Creating Change Through Effective Communication



Kim Stanger
HIPAA Privacy and Security For Healthcare Professionals (PowerPoint Slides)
HIPAA Privacy Checklist.pdf
Omnibus Rule Checklist.pdf
Checklist for Business Associate Agreements.pdf




Bret Vaks
Positive Behavioral Supports for Employment Specialists (Powerpoint Slides)